Fundamental Of Clinical Project Management

Key aspects of project management include foundational principles, lifecycles, and methodologies. Focus areas encompass integration, scope, time, cost, communications, stakeholder management, team dynamics, quality, risk, procurement, change management, decision-making, legal/ethical considerations, and project closure and analysis.

Module 1 : About – Project Management

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Project Characteristics
  • The Project Team
  • Project Scope
  • Project Characteristics: Constraints
  • Scope Creep

Module 3 : Project Management Plan

  • Stakeholders and Project Managers Need to Answer Three Important Questions
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Gold Plating

Module 5 : Budget and Planning

Introduction to Budget Estimates, Development of Project Budget, and Budget Tracking

  • Project Cost Management Considerations
  • Project Cost Estimations Techniques
  • Contract Types
  • Project Cost Management
  • ICH E6 (R3)

Module 2 : Project Planning

  • Project Management Life Cycle and Roadmap
  • Project Charter

Module 4 : Work Breakdown Structure

  • Effective Schedule Management
  • Critical Path and Scenario Mapping
  • Concept Phase: Project Costs
  • Concept Phase: Project Timelines
  • Development Phase of Project
  • Ghant Chart
  • Development of Project Work Breakdown Structure with Case Studies

Module 6 : Case Studies

  • Team Development
  • Forging a Team
  • Team Development Stages Defined
  • Discussion: How Important is Team for Project Management?

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