Medical Writing

Landmark Research’s Medical Writing course trains the participants to produce precise, accurate, and compliant clinical documents.

The curriculum covers scientific writing principles, research and review articles, publications, the structure and content of clinical study reports, and the creation of regulatory documents.

Participants will learn to write for regulatory submissions, conduct literature reviews, and synthesize information ethically and effectively, preparing them to meet the high standards required in clinical research documentation.

Scientific Writing: Publication Writing and Submission in Journals

Detailed guide to scientific and medical publication writing, covering the structure of key manuscript sections, best practices for congress activities and advisory board meetings, and essential skills for a career in publication writing. It also addresses the importance of managing one’s professional presence on digital platforms

Strategic Medical Writing: Protocols, Case Studies, and Beyond

This course details the art of medical writing with a comprehensive curriculum covering introduction to medical writing, basic skills enhancement, medical communication strategies, protocol development for clinical trials, case report writing techniques, and skill enhancement in reference management and literature search using tools like PubMed and EndNote

Advanced Medical Writing

This comprehensive course is tailored for individuals aiming to excel in medical writing. It covers the foundational principles, essential skills, and advanced techniques required for effective medical communication and regulatory submissions. The course also delves into medico marketing, digital medical writing, and best practices for managing the review process.